What you need to avoid after getting Lash extensions

Lash Artist dishes all the must dos & don’ts

Lash Tips from a Lash Expert

Having been in the Lash game for nearly a decade, I’ve learned that customers who are new to lash extensions fall in love with our lash work because of customer service, the convenience of beauty and time saver waking up every morning looking ready for the world.

I’ve also learned that customers who fall out of love with lash extensions are often those who have expectations of lash extensions, myths if you will, that don’t ring true in the lash world.

Let’s discuss how important after care for lashes is crucial to retaining the best lash extension life and natural lash life.

Aftercare is not an option.

It is mandatory.

Coming in for Lash Fills every other week is part of lash extension maintenance. But maintenance and lash care doesn’t just happen in the Lash Studio, it extends into every client’s home. Why?

  • First it keeps the health of your natural lashes in great shape (read more about our lash extension explanation here).
  • Second, after care prevents infection, germs or bacteria from latching onto the lash extensions.
  • Third, cleanliness helps with lash retention (allowing your lash extensions to stay on longer).
  • Fourth, after care at home helps lashes maintain their shine.
  • Lastly, lash care will prevent lash mites. Yep… LASH MITES.  No one wants this. This is a common instance of mites that feed off gunk and dead skin between the lashes of an unclean lash set and typically caused by non-hygenic lash extension applications or from poor lash after care by guests. Redness, irritation, infestation…definitely not what I’d want for anyone.

The Musts for Lash Extension After Care

Here are typical Do Nots when it comes to getting lash extensions:
  • Avoid steamy rooms such as saunas and hot tubs.
  • Stay away from mascara and limit eye makeup (keep heavy makeup at bay).
  • Do not use oil-based products near your lashes.
  • Do not rub your lashes, instead use a mascara want to help detangle or separate each lash.
  • Do not miss a lash fill. We recommend going in every other week.
  • Do not expect lash extensions to last forever. They are permanent and should fall out with your natural lashes, losing a good amount every two weeks.
Here are typical Dos when it comes to maintaining healthy lash extensions:
  • Do use lash shampoo morning and night. No need to rub it into the lashes, just put the shampoo on your eye lid and wash it down with water. The wash is enough to clean your lashes.
  • Use the mascara wand that was given to you to brush your lashes daily. Brushing it in an downward motion will remove any tangled lashes and prevent them from pulling each other out too early.
  • Do use oil free face wash and other facial products when wearing lash extensions.
  • Do schedule a lash fill for every two weeks to maintain fullness.
  • Do expect lashes to fall out. They are extensions and shouldn’t be permanent or last longer than a month.

Lash studios with reputable and gentle products will know to remind clients that fall out is normal and part of lash maintenance. Following daily shampooing and brushing while avoiding heat and oil based products help with lash retention and lash extension longevity. However, the lash game is a cycle where every other week, a lash fill is needed to maintain that glam look you love to wake up to.

Always remember lash extensions fall out with natural lashes every day

If you come across a person who fell out of love with lash extensions or claims a studio isn’t good because their lash extensions fell out “too soon”, remember that your lashes naturally shred. We lose about 3-6 daily, though we typically don’t see it because it’s so thin. With lash extensions, we will notice  lashes shed more because with a lash extension on, the natural lash becomes thicker and more noticeable.

If your lashes shed, know that this is a normal process of even the most exclusive lash work. So, don’t worry, be lash happy. ?

Post By: Arxegoz Beauty’s Lash Chief, Sr. Lash Artist & Trainer

Lash Chief is the Senior Lash Artist and Trainer at Arxegoz Beauty in Renton, WA. She trains students on trending lash work including lash extensions, lash lifts and lash care and maintenance. You can find more of her work on Instagram at @arxegozbeauty.