Here’s what happens at a Microblading Appointment

We’ve asked two Arxegoz Beauty guests and one Lash Artist to give their take on the microblading process in this post.

Lash Artist & Guests Explain Microblading

Microblading is the future of brows. It has become such a popular trend for brows these past few years that it is slowly becoming a household name and common beauty service for many. While Brow Artists truly know each step of the microblading process, knowing the first hand experience from clients and other onlookers gives those unfamiliar with this beauty service a more authentic expectation of all the comes with microblading.

We’ve asked two Arxegoz Beauty guests and one Lash Artist to give their take on the microblading process in this post.

Check out the video above for Siobhan and Dylan’s first Microblading experience at Arxegoz, then read on for one of Arxegoz Beauty’s Lash Artist’s appreciation of her coworker’s Brow game and technique.

Microblading from a Lash Artist Perspective

I will admit it, I am a true lash artist. I love everything about lashes. You can ask me anything about lashes and I will give you the answer.

But I don’t know much about brows.

Recently I sat through what is today’s modern permanent tattooing for brows–Microblading. As a Lash Artist, I have always been super intrigued by brow trends and techniques. My coworker, and brow expert, Kaycee (@kc.arxegozbeauty) allowed me to accompany her in one of her appointments.

This is my experience as a lash artist critiquing a brow artist’s game.

Consultations & Mapping are so important in Microblading

Before Kaycee began working her magic, we met with her client Sarah and got to know her a bit, her wants and goals for her brows. Consultation is a crucial step because microblading is literally a tattoo on the brow bone and Kaycee has to get the style right and in the client’s comfort zone. To do this, Kaycee took what she learned during the consult and began mapping. This is where Sarah was invited to relax on the microblading table while Kaycee traced over Sarah’s natural brow with a thick, black pencil. She also stuck a measuring tape on Sarah’s forehead and started to measure Sarah’s brows from the nose then to tail of the brow.

Mapping is so interesting that I literally fell off of my chair just leaning over to see every movement of that black pencil.

Numbing to prevent pain

The best part of the whole process was actually watching Kaycee numb Sarah’s brows. After mapping was done and Kaycee and Sarah agreed the shape was perfect, Kaycee applied a cream to Sarah’s brows.

She covered it with a plastic sheet, then left us for 25 mins for the numbing gel to take effect.

Once Kaycee came back she showed Sarah the disposable microblading tool. It was too cute! It was a gold pencil-like tool with super tiny blades. Kaycee explained the tool is what gives brows that natural hair-look during Microblading. She still had to put color on the blades by this point, but first she had to find a perfect color match to Sarah’s natural hair color. To do this, Kaycee had three colors swatched over Sarah’s forehead. She then gave Sarah the mirror and asked her which color would she like to go forward with. Sarah ended up selecting the darker shade of the three choices.

Now to the fun part–Microblading

By the time Sarah had selected her color, the wait for numbing was over. Kaycee pulled the plastic wrap off Sarah’s brows and wiped the numbing cream off.

This is where the magic began.

Kaycee got her tool, dipped it in the color Sarah choose, and started to create hair strokes on Sarah’s brows. I was waiting for Sarah to scream, flinch, jump off the blade or shout, “Stop!”, but she didn’t do anything. She laid their quietly with a smile.

I had to ask, “Sarah? Do you feel anything?”

Sarah looked over at me and said, “I feel pressure and a little tanginess but it’s ok…”

Kaycee said that usually the first pass all clients will feel uncomfortable, but on the second it gets better, and then on the third it’s smooth sailing from there.

Kaycee continued creating new hair strokes on Sarah for the next 30 mins. I watched as she would add three ink strokes, then wipe it off. With each progression, I was more and more surprised at how much the brows looked so natural. It made me stop and think how beautiful the beauty industry really is by complementing a guest’s natural features. I mean, Kaycee just created a new set of brows for Sarah, whom barley had any to begin with.

The Reveal

Once Kaycee was satisfied with her work, it was time to show Sarah. She cleaned up any color left Sarah’s brows and passed Sarah a mirror.

When Sarah saw her reflection and new brows, she started tearing up.

Shoot I was tearing up with Sarah. Her new brows were so beautiful and natural, I was speechless for a good five mins.

Final Critique of Microblading from a Lash Artist’s Perspective

Looking in from the outside, I learned that microblading can really give guests confidence and that extra boost in feeling beautiful.

It is a process, however and I learned that like Lash Artists, Brow Artists take consultation and after care seriously to ensure guests have the best experience with our work.

Kaycee shared the simple aftercare instructions with Sarah–no swimming, no steambaths, avoid using makeup on the brows til it all heals, and definitely use Hustle Butter. Here’s a link of what brows look like during the first 14 days of microblading.

Microblading is a service that takes talent and skill. Kaycee showed me that not just anyone can use a blade to create that perfect hair stroke across a client’s brow bone. For clients, I learned it’s important to make sure you learn who the artist is, their style (see their previous work of before and after photos). In addition, make sure that the artist is someone you feel comfortable with. Kaycee is so easy going, calm and sweet that she puts both Sarah and I at ease through the whole process.

That is someone you want for your Microblading experience. You want someone who will explain every step of the process to make you feel reassured and confident in their work.

Hear from Guests themselves

If you’ve read through my shadow experience of Kaycee & Sarah’s appointment, thank you! I would love to invite you to see and hear Siobhan and Dylan’s experience in the video above.

Guess what? The next post I contribute will explain my first Microblading experience. Stay tuned!