The Arxegoz Beauty Studio Salon Experience

The salon experience at the Arxegoz Beauty studio in Renton WA is like no other. You’re welcome to come by, hang out, bring a friend, work, lounge and stay as long as you like. Workspace? We’ve got it. Free Wi-Fi? Absolutely. Food? Yes, you can bring your own or pre-order a nutritious, chef-crafted gourmet meal from Arxegoz Eats.

What to Expect at Arxegoz Beauty Studio Salon in Renton WA

True artistry. Arxegoz Beauty artists are experienced, fully trained and certified. They work with you to get the optimum results, with thorough mapping and a full consultation. We only want to move forward when you are comfortable with the process and expected results.

Your brows and lashes are totally WORTH IT!

High-performing products. Unlike other lash services, we strive to use the safest, high-performing products. An official Elle Bana distributor, you can relax knowing that the products we’re using are 80 percent organic. Instead of damaging your natural lashes, they help your lashes grow over time.

Membership with privileges. We understand that this is an important investment to you. We offer monthly memberships that enable you to save exponentially on services and products, enabling you to maximize your budget. We want you to be able to come back often so you can maintain your desired look.

Education. Our process facilitates education so that you can be confident you are making the best choices – we call this our “no regrets” approach. Additionally, our artists receive continual education and training to maintain the most up-to-date techniques and artistry. (Interested in a career in the beauty industry with Arxegoz Beauty?  Ask about our education program!)

What are you waiting for? Schedule a no-risk, no-obligation consultation and get started with the services you want – and deserve.