Permanent makeup eyelash enhancement is my new best friend

Permanent makeup eyelash enhancement is my new best friend!

I just had a lash enhancement done at Arxegoz Beauty salon in Renton WA, permanent makeup is my new best friend.

Why go 6 weeks when you can go just about forever with permanent makeup?

While I have to go back to the salon every 6 weeks to keep up my hair color and style, I just took advantage of Arxegoz Beauty’s permanent makeup services to get a lash enhancement that will make my eyes pop forever.

Full disclosure, our marketing agency helps to support Arxegoz Beauty salon in Renton WA with digital marketing services, photography and video. I freely admit having a personal bias toward the studio’s manager, Suz-e and its artists. After all, I know them. Yesterday our team was there to shoot some videos about their eyebrow microblading, lash lift and tint, eyelash extensions and permanent makeup services which include lash enhancement, permanent eyeliner and permanent lip color and lip liner.

Another little piece of full disclosure, I am a makeup moron. Here I am at nearly 50 years of age, a professional woman who meets with clients and gives presentations (appearance matters!) and I have never acquired the skills to do my own makeup beyond the very basics. My daily beauty regimen consists of a shower followed by a grand total of about 5 minutes at the makeup station where I simply apply a facial moisturizer with SPF (tinted, so that I don’t even bother with foundation most days!), finishing powder, eye shadow, mascara and DONE.

I spend the most time on my eyes because they are my favorite feature, so I want to make them “the thing” that people notice most when they see me. But still, I’m pretty much a one-trick pony. I use the same techniques and even colors most days. The results are as you would expect – meh.


What a glorious word!

Three letters that tell you something is completely unremarkable, boring, uninteresting. But today I am using a different three letter word to describe my eyes:


My eyes went from “meh” to “POP!” in one morning at the Arxegoz Beauty microblading and lash salon in Renton WA. Even better, I don’t have to try to remember an eyelash enhancement or eyeliner technique and try to repeat it every day at home. It’s done. I wake up in the morning and could literally brush my teeth, throw my hair up and walk out the door and look ready for the day.

Every 6 weeks I get my hair colored, cut and curled and walk out the salon door feeling like a movie star. The next morning, I’m back to me. 5 weeks later, my hair is showing the fade and (remember, almost 50!) the gray is starting to show through.

But my eye makeup – thanks to a permanent makeup service called lash enhancement – isn’t going to fade in 6 weeks. It’s not going to fade away in 6 months. It’s not going to turn gray and I’m not going to have to learn how to reapply eyeliner at home.

If you’ve been thinking about permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement – or you haven’t ever thought about it until now – this is a great time to line up a consultation for yourself at Arxegoz Beauty – 253-220-8692 or by contacting them online. The Arxegoz Beauty Studio salon in Renton WA can be found just south of Seattle and Bellevue, near IKEA – you know right off the freeway at 180th St., in the business park that is just down the hill from the hospital in Renton.

If you’re interested in permanent eyeliner, lip color, lip liner or lash enhancement – or even a full package combo eyeliner + lash enhancement, lip color + lip liner or even full permanent eye and lip makeup (why not get it all!) the first step will be your consultation.

At your consultation, you will meet with a fully trained and experienced permanent makeup artist who will discuss your desires in terms of the beauty results you hope to achieve, explain the process and answer any questions you might have. You’ll work together to determine which permanent makeup services are appropriate for you and they will show you (using regular makeup) what type of look your service will help you achieve.

Here’s how I looked after my consultation

permanent makeup lash enhancement eyeliner

That evening, my husband took one look at me and asked where I was going that night. His assumption was that I had gone all-out on my look to go out – and the only thing different from any other day was the temporary lash enhancement done at the consultation!

Permanent makeup is – well – permanent, so your consultation will be thorough. At your consultation or time of service you’ll also be asked to provide information about any health conditions, medications or other factors that might impede you getting the best outcome. Before your appointment you’ll be provided with a list of do’s and don’ts that begin as early as 72 hours (3 days) before your appointment time, so it’s important that you read this document so you can be well-prepared for your makeup service. When you come in for your permanent makeup service appointment, your artist will verify that this is still your desire and then – when everyone involved is truly comfortable with the process – will begin preparing your eyes and / or lips for permanent makeup which could include many different combinations:

  • permanent eyeliner (top +/- bottom or both)
  • lash enhancement (top +/- bottom or both)
  • eyeliner + lash enhancement (top +/- bottom or both)
  • permanent lip color
  • permanent lip liner
  • lip color + lip liner
  • eyeliner + lash enhancement (top +/- bottom or both) + lip color +/- lip liner

As you can see – the options are nearly endless. This makes for a service that is truly customize-able to you and your preferences – with makeup – applied professionally – that will last!

permanent makeup lash enhancement eyeliner

Before and after of an actual Arxegoz Beauty permanent makeup lash enhancement

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